How Your Fellow Citizens Feel About the Republican Tax Bill

How Americans Feel About the Republican Tax Bill

People Know that the Economy is Rigged for the Rich
A whopping 75% of Americans (including 70% of Republicans and 81% of Democrats) believe that our government mostly serves special interests and lobbyists, not the people. A recent poll showed that only 22% of Americans believe that the government serves the public interest.

…And They’re Sick and Tired of It
According to additional polling on money in politics and taxes, people are overwhelmingly more likely to vote for candidates that take a stand against corruption and the influence of big money special interests. This poll found that one of the reason Connor Lamb’s campaign was so successful was because he refused to take corporate special interest money – 18% of voters in the district said that was the biggest reason they supported him, including 26% of independents. On a larger, national scale, their polling found that 75% of voters say they’re more likely to vote for a candidate that rejects corporate PAC money.

People Don’t Like the GOP Tax Plan
In January and February a number of polls appeared to show that support for the GOP tax law was rising. But as the bill’s tax cuts began to actually take effect, voters realized how little benefit they were actually getting from the law, and that short-lived bump in popularity faded. Now, the most recent numbers from a June POLITICO/Morning Consult poll shows that just 37% of voters support the law (down from 44% in April). Support even dropped among Republicans, dropping from 80% to 70% in that same time frame.

Taxpayers Aren’t Seeing Big Increases in their Paychecks
79% of respondents in a March Gallup poll said they had either not seen an increase in their take-home pay, or that the increase they’ve seen hasn’t helped their personal financial situation. Just 6% say that the increase has helped their financial situation a lot.That number hasn’t improved as time passes, with just 25% of voters in the June POLITICO/Morning Consult poll saying they’ve seen an increase in their paychecks because of the law.

People are Concerned About Wall Street’s Influence on the Tax Code
In a May poll, Lake Research Partners found that a majority of voters in battleground states, including significant majorities in districts rated as both “Lean” and “Likely” Republican, say they are more likely to vote for candidates who support reforming Wall Street’s influence in the government, and their role in perpetuating economic inequality. 71% of respondents found a message that highlights the benefits delinquent Wall Street banks gained from the GOP tax bill convincing.

People are Concerned About the Tax Law’s Effect on Medicare and Medicaid
According to a recent poll by Not One Penny, when told of the bill’s potential to cause cuts for Medicare and Medicaid, 61% of voters have serious doubts about the bill.

Voters Think Corporations Pay Too Little in Taxes
60% of registered voters think corporations don’t pay enough in taxes, according to a Morning Consult and Politico poll from last September. It’s important to point out that this poll was conducted when the corporate tax rate was still 35%. It has since been dropped down to just 21%, so that 60% number is almost certainly only going to increase.

People Don’t Support Tax Cuts for the Rich
The September Morning Consult/Politico poll also showed that 61% of respondents believe the wealthy pay too little in taxes, with only 14% saying they pay too much.

People understand that the GOP Tax Plan Primarily Helps the Rich
A January poll by Reuters/Ipsos shows that 58% of Americans think that the changes to the tax law primarily benefit corporations and the wealthy. Just 13% believe that it mostly helps the middle class.

Almost No One is Getting Raises Because of the Bill
Just 2% of Americans believe they have received a raise or a benefit increase because of the GOP tax law, according to that same Reuters/Ipsos poll.