Tax Basics

Tax Basics

Letter from the Founder and President

Dear Citizen,

Most people think the tax code is complicated, that’s why politicians think it’s easy to lie about. They’ve been doing it for years. Fortunately, anyone who understands a few simple concepts can identify and counter most of the tax lies told by these politicians (all without an economics degree).

In this section of PMU, we explain “The Basics” – general concepts like “when is a dollar more like a penny” and “the big fat lie that started it all.” If you fully understand these concepts, you will begin to understand the total absurdity of the “economic” arguments politicians use to justify cutting taxes for their biggest donors. We then provide simple overviews of some of the core elements of the new tax code in language regular people can understand. Use this section to reinforce your base knowledge and to get comfortable talking about taxes in general.

Our next section, How to Rig an Economy, has all of the highlights and messaging points you’ll need to persuade your friends, families, and neighbors that they should be royally pissed off by this tax bill.


Erica Payne
Founder and President
Patriotic Millionaires





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